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Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Welcome to Reviews Genie! If you're here, then you're probably thinking, "What's the fastest, most-affordable way to generate online reviews for my business?". Right? Or, maybe you're curious, or still wondering, "Do I even need online reviews?" Am I getting close?

Either way, you're not alone! If you already know you need online reviews for your business then watch the video above to learn how Reviews Genie provides businesses of all sizes, the simplest, most affordable solution for generating online reviews, period!

If youre still not sure you need online reviews, that's okay. Afterall, We business owners have enough to think about every day, like running our business! For those still wondering about reviews, there's some things you NEED to know, and that's why we're here.

First - Sales are directly related to online reviews! And, if there's any way we can generate more sales without having to do a bunch of heavy-lifting, then would'nt you agree it's probably worth knowing more about? 


Quick Reviews Story: Just 10 years ago, online reviews didn't matter that much. Sure, gold stars may have looked nice and shiny when occasionally seen, but they did very little to build trust, drive traffic, and generate sales. 

All that's changed. Online reviews are now THE most important aspect of our online presence, period. That means that your online reviews are more important than your products, your services, your Facebook page, and even your website. But, why?

A huge shift occurred just recently (one you NEED to know about), that makes online reviews critical to the current and future success of your business. What is this shift?


Think about it - just a few short years ago each of us were "professional researchers". We scoured the Internet researching the products and services we wanted to buy. We used reviews for comparisons, helping us chose the best of the products we'd narrowed down with research. 

Fast forward to 2017. We now utilize reviews to FIND the products and services we consider buying. We use reviews a second time to determine which ones are best.

  • "Reviews used to help us compare the products and services we'd already chosen. Now, reviews are helping us CHOOSE which products and services we should even consider comparing."

2007: Not long ago, someone searching for a high-definition camera probably narrowed it down to 2-3 cameras. They then did a search on each camera to find the likes and dislikes of each one:

 "Canon EOS 5D Reviews", "Nikon D750 reviews", etc.

2017: These days, we shortcut the researcher role, and use other people's opinions (online reviews) to LOCATE the top 2-3 cameras first, and often use reviews a second time to chose the best of the lot:

 "Best HD camera 2017", "Top 10 HD cameras" 

Do you see the shift that has taken place? Reviews are now the FIRST part of the buying cycle. Reviews now identify the products the services we should consider buying. Reviews now pt products and services on our radar, helping us determine which items to even consider! 

Products and services with little to no online revews often go completely ignored.

REVIEWS ARE CRITICAL to making sales. Without reviews, you're not even on the MAP!


Google Maps has become one of the most-frequently used functions on the Internet, all thanks to one tiny phrase: "near me".

How many times have we been driving or riding a bike, and used Google to help us find a product or service "near me"?

According to, the use of "near me" searches increased 34x in just 4 years!! (Full Article)

Why should "near me" searches matter to us business owners? Simple: Google Maps!

The Google Maps Engine is what gets displayed when near me searches are performed on Google assumes you'll need a marker as to your current location, and directions to where you want to go.

Google displays a list of nearby businesses that best-match your query, along with their phone number, distance from you, and what else? The Google Reviews for each business!

The Ultimate "Think You Don't Need Reviews" Test

If you're still not sure that having lots of positive online reviews is directly related to making more sales, try this quick test:

  • Imagine a close family member has just phoned you. They've mistakenly been arrested and jailed for a crime. Using their one phone call, they've tasked you with finding an attorney to represent them in court early the next morning.
  • You quickly search for "lawyers near me" and see the results displayed above. Which lawyer will you choose to represent your loved one?

A similar test was recently performed at Harvard Business School, where 8.5 out of 10 people chose lawyers with the most reviews and/or highest average rating. 

In other words, "stars matter".

Does Having Online Reviews Affect Your SEO & Search Relevance at Google?

Most SEO specialists will agree that Google not only uses the quantity of reviews you have to help determine your search engine rank and search relevance, Google also uses the frequency and recency of your reviews.

Now, think about all of this as it relates to your business. It's fair to say that getting lots of great reviews regularly

has a direct impact on both consumers and search engines. Now, all you need is an affordable solution to help you generate lots of positive reviews month after month.

Reviews Genie was created to help you easily increase the brand-trust and online awareness for your business so you can make more sales!

At only $99 a month, Reviews Genie is the most-affordable solution!

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Easy for you AND your customer!

Easy For You

Enter your customer's name & phone, and send. Thats it!

Easy for Customers

Your customer gets an SMS (with photo of your business) requesting a review.

Incredible Results!

Your customer chooses a network they're already logged-into and leaves you a great review.

Won't I get a bunch of bad online revews?

Great question! The answer is "no", and here's why:

Reviews Genie uses a "litmus" test to measure your customer's intent before they are presented your choice of review networks. 

  • Happy customers are given a choice of networks, and are free to give you a great review.
  • Unhappy customers are sent to a priate feedback form, where they can leave honest feedback, without publishing a negative online review for your business.
  • You'll receive instant "Negative Notifications" with your cusomer's feedback, allowing you to take corrective action and turn unhappy customers into raving fans!

Way More than Just Tons of Online Reviews. Take a Look:

  • You choose the networks YOU want more reviews in. Change networks at any time.
  • Empower your whole staff to generate reviews.
  • Works on any device - Phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Kindle, etc.
  • Easy, 1-step process.
  • Automatically opens your network pages in the apps & networks your customers are already logged-into.
  • Suppress bad reviews.
  • Gain invaluable customer insight / improve your business with instant "Negative Notifications".
  • Turn unhappy customers into raving fans!
  • Showcase the last 36 months worth of reviews inside your website (all networks) in a gorgeous widget.*
  • Get near-instant notifications anytime you receive a new review on any network.*
  • Easily manage, track and respond to all reviews using our intuitive reviews dashboard.*
  • Send group text messages to staff members.*
  • Track staff activity in-app.*
  • View your reviews history.*


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